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Both females shrugged their shoulders in answer. Jul 9, Sasuke's devilish plan to 'enjoy' Naruto on their mission doesn't go as planned. Mature only So this is my Sasunaru mission sex story. Enjoy!. He quickly added asecond one and began a scissoring motion.

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Damaging him even more with each thrust, stretching him, as Naruto swallowed him in deep inside him. May 21, Little naive Naruto. Wondering what sex is hmm? Well Kakashi advises that Naruto should go to Sasuke to explain. SasuNaru. Rated: Fiction M. No this was just for him.

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The fuck. WARNING: CONTAINS SEXUAL ABUSE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, AND PROFANITY DO NOT READ UNLESS UNDER THE AGE OF 18!!!. This was written with help from my friend Duncanandme4ever check it out.

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It was 2 in the afternoon and she was exhausted. What does this 'loveless' affair mean to Sasuke, and why does Naruto continue letting it go on? If Only You Let Me: Naruto x Sasuke (BoyxBoy) +18 ( COMPLETE). K Reads . Naruto x Sasuke a hardcore sex story by callista He was going to protest and opened his mouth to do so, but then Sasuke slipped his tongue in his mouth and- Oh.

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Barely a second later, Sasuke retracted his hand only to replace it with his throbbing cock. Sep 16, "Ngh Sasuke, stop" Naruto pleaded his older brother. . No matter how many times they have had sex or how much Sasuke had prepared him. Took me forever to hit one, too.

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Her moans began to quicken and become heavier. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. He paused to look up to see Naruto; panting softly, his eyes half lidded with lust and desire.

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Sasuke glared back, with his trademark scowl in place. Well this was quite a sex party Sakura was sucking Naruto, Sasuke was eating Sakura, and Ino was Sucking Sasuke. Both Sasuke and Naruto let out a large. Being pleasured by both of them made Sakura scream, she pressed her hands into Sasuke's silky hair and held his head there, not wanting him to stop.

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Naruto and Itachi get drawn into the drug world by Madara and struggle to redefine their relationship, while Naruto struggles to maintain his friendship with Sasuke M, Yaoi. Working with non-Shinobi is part of the work. He can't get him out of his mind, no matter what he does. Pushing Sasuke down beside Sakura, who was gasping and moaning from Naruto's touch, he stopped rubbing her and brought her up to a sitting position.

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Sasuke growled and she smiled, liking his reaction. Uchiha Sasuke, a bull, is set to begin his epic journey. This story is not meant to be taken seriously. . And, of course, it is a story that revolves around sex. Suddenly, Naruto said, "I got some in your hair," and he laughed.

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Why must you torture me so?! WARNING: CONTAINS SEXUAL ABUSE, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, AND PROFANITY DO NOT READ UNLESS UNDER THE AGE OF 18!!!. Sasuke licked the slit, getting a pleased moan, which encouraged him to deep throat the blond while massaging the ball sac as well.