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Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. You can still get pregnant if you have sex while on your period. “Some periods last more than a week and sometimes a woman's ovulation can. But for others, menstruation could actually be a turn-on of sorts.

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And, depending on your level of sexual adventure, try a butt plug. Sometimes the last thing you want to do is have sex on your period, but it's still possible — and you just might love it. ©iStock/nd · Hooking Up Orgasms can help a girl get rid of cramps and shorten the length of her period. Health wise. Yahoo Lifestyle.

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I've had sex with previous partners while I had my period, but I never enjoyed it. My current partner seldom wants sex during her period now, but she used to want it It's up to her to tell me if her nipples are tender or if she's feeling miserable. Uh, I'd kinda want to know before I rip the girls' panties off and start to shove my face down there.

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But if you taste it, it's just for a fraction of a second. no for me. Even if I was willing, I would not want to do it with a girl who was willing to f a random dude while she was on her period. If you typically use a store-bought lubricant to help with dryness during sex, this may be your week to go natural.

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Now is not the time for you to straddle your man. Just a random question i was curious about. I know that if your girlfriend and boyfriend its not really a big deal. But would a guy have a one. I get my period.

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Louis, attended Indiana University, and gets her zen on through meditation and mindfulness. We're in a hoe revolution, and women have become open about their periods and even moreso about having period sex. Here's what happened when I John straight up made me feel insecure! Fuck you, John! Image may. Have something to add?

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Hooking Up. We would rendezvous in her studio. One time she announced she had her period . I'm a feminist, and I'm pretty well-informed — I grew up in a. No woman should have to force herself to be comfortable with something she doesn't feel comfortable with, even if it seems retro and dated to abstain during that time of the month.

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It's up to her to tell me if her nipples are tender or if she's feeling miserable. Sometimes period sex can be a great way to alleviate cramps. All times are GMT

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It's amazing for him, avoids towels, and he can still get me off by rubbing my clit. So the mood is set, you're both horny, and all you want to do is hook up. But, there's one liiiittle problem: she's got her period. Do you wait until. By Averi Clements.

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Select as Most Helpful Opinion? I refuse period sex unless it's the first time I'm sleeping with a girl. I don't like What kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't provide her some relief? . Told my new hookup about my period the moment I got to his place. No doxxing or personally identifiable information allowed.


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