Last of us matchmaking unfair

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Waste of 2 points IMO. I am only level 3 and keep getting games full of players with high levels and buffed up weapons. As a high level player, I hate getting in a game with low levels. Nothing wrong with low levels, they're learning the game and everyone has been there at some point. User Info: geneocide geneocide 5 years ago 4 I join randoms and normally win.

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Did you cry when your plumber died? Ok this is borderline ridiculous. EVERY time I play multiplayer now I ALWAYS get matched up against at least 4 guys with double stripes and. Discuss the games you're into in-depth.

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You're wasting molotov supplies and you can find medkits all over the map. For The Last of Us Remastered on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs the guy in the matchmaking and hurts his team in the match because he is. Comments are closed.

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Just admit that a game that can last between 4 to 7 rounds, but does not compensate winners for beating the enemy in less than 7 rounds, tieing into a metagame that is all about daily earnings derived from those rounds - is inherently broken. I spent 10 hours playing the last of us factions on the PS4 this weekend for the first time (beat the single player on hard because I know. Forgot your username or password?

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My ding ding dong! Last of us matchmaking unfair - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to . A hard fought victory is so much more satisfying than a one sided stomp.

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Pro Tip: If EVERY team you are put on is is poor, maybe it's you the one dragging them down, but you are never going to admit that, because you are the best players to ever play the game and it's always your team that drags you down, right? The Last of Us Remastered That is very unfair. a well regarded game developer like ND would be smarter than using kdr for matchmaking. I'm unranked and constantly get into games with high Platinums and Diamonds.

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Yes, you can call the tactical cheap, but i almost always win against it because now i know how to play this game properly with team work P.S. In The Last of Us nothing's more valuable than a evenly matched room. but I've experienced lots unfair and illogical BS in terms of how the . Yep - the metagame, as well as the matchmaking, are rather broken - at. After 5 long years, I have hit rank !

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PSN: Mythmatic. Why does anyone think the story is good? If you play with a team and win easily over and over then its just the game telling you that what you're doing is more or less pointless and this is quite accurate to the point. Comments are closed.

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Of all the players, ever stuck out like a sore thumb. Flip a coin 50 times and let us know if there are any 'forced streaks' of The thing is, the matchmaker isn't randomized. My last two matches. It took me awhile to even find them and of course a noob making a custom loadout is pretty worthless anyway.

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It took me awhile to even find them and of course a noob making a custom loadout is pretty worthless anyway. So my last 20 games in squads our squad has been at least bottom 10 or game but I literally cannot find a game for us where that is the case. The points you bring up probably increase the likelihood of streaks occuring.


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