What do i need to hook up subs and amp

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Did I need to put fuse between the first and second battery? For a detailed explanation of how to do this, read our article about setting the gains on a 4-channel amplifier. If you're installing an amp for a subwoofer, read. Moderators online.

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Because the subwoofer is working mostly on the bass the low tonesit doesn't require as much directional pushing as speakers do. So what will we need to do this? -Subwoofer box -Subwoofer speaker (see next step) -Amplifier (see next step) -Wiring kit (or each of the following) Gauge or . Plug your RCA leads, speaker leads and remote turn-on lead from the amp into the back of the head unit.

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This article has a huge mistake. In this tutorial, you can follow step by step to install your amp to subwo. speaker so you don't need to run RCA's from the deck you can do it directly RCA's are what send audio signals to the amp that tells the subwoofer which notes to play. What I have done is wired the speaker output, into the rear speakers.

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But if yours does not, you'll need the main power wire, an inline fuse use the size wire and fuse that the amp manufacturer recommendsa ground wire, RCA cables, speaker wires, remote turn-on wire and connector plugs to suit head unit, amp and speakers some units may just require bare-wire connections. To do this, you'll need your subwoofer, an amplifier, at least one set of RCA cables (these are If you want a stereo hook-up, you'll need two sets of RCA cables. Back off the gain until the distortion goes away.

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Slowly turn up the gain on the amplifier until you hear clipping. The problem with having sound adjustments on both the stereo and the amplifier is that settings can be all. Consult your owner's manual for exact procedures.

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Learn more Q: How do I figure out what materials I need to provide for the installation? The amp install is the main thing and it can be from $$ depending on type of. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us.

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Reply 2 years ago. But if yours does not, you'll need the main power wire, an inline fuse (use If you' re fitting subwoofer speakers in a box, mounting the amplifier. With this arrangement, the stereo speakers and sub receive all of the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies.

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About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Photo Credits Crutchfield. For instance, it's always possible that the tone control settings were changed without your knowledge.

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There should be 2 RCA connections. The best way to get more bass in your car is to install an amp and subwoofer, but In order to do this, you'll want to fit your subwoofer amp into a general range. So I have a 12 inch sub with a watt amp that I was going to put in my car and things didn't work out.

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Overall, installing a powered subwoofer just a little more involved than upgrading a head unit or installing new speakers. Open the amp wiring kit, which contains all the wiring you'll need to hook-up This red power wire should be thicker than your speaker wire--typically Run speaker wire from the speaker outputs on the amp to each speaker or subwoofer you. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.