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Some caterpillars even go the extra mile by extending appendages from the top of their head to mimic a forked snake tonguemaking it look like a snake that's about to strike Illustration for article titled Why I Hate My Giant Dong Only a teenage girl could turn that revelation into a source of shame and embarrassment. I've masturbated my way to tiny lacerations around the edge of my foreskin. Of course, in reality, the photo just captured this guy a split second before tumbling horribly into the water at inhuman speeds.

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With that face looking up at you? Whether you're smaller or longer or wider—or, I don't know, banana-ier? Same goes for the guy with the smallest, least-comely dong who's. The hammer-headed bat is a bona fide, grade-A bloodsucker of the worst kind.

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And no, those aren't posed ant corpses with a bottle cap hot glued to their tiny hands, if that's what you think, Professor Coldheart. depends how big the girl is if shes got a monster cunt then yeah she will probably think its small but thats when you tell her your dicks not small. It is only a few inches long, has no face, and eats mud, which is exactly how we described our genitalia on Match.

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Arnt Flatmo So, not a man then. But when dating a man with a really big dong, a woman will secretly be Men with relatively small dongs need to stand closer to urinals to aim. Our culture is built on the notion that bigger is better, and depending on who your analyst is the male reproductive organ is the root of it all.

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That's the work of artist Eric Testroete, who made it for a Halloween costume, at the risk of a whole bunch of GoldenEye veterans suddenly having an urge to shoot him in the crotch. If You Look Past the Unsettlingly Tiny Speedo, You'll See a Huge Freaking Airliner .. the soil, creating a permanent drawing of a dude with a huge dong. Obviously, somebody just took a photo of a little girl and garbled it. It looks like a city about to get drained out of a giant's bathtub, but it's actually a picture of the world's largest diamond mine outside of Mirny, Russia.

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Getty And a couple of pikes thrown in for good measure. Logically speaking, his dong must be illogically big. See more http://www. LIKE us on. Some men even faint.

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That cannot be real. One guy that I slept with, he had a big frame but he had a really tiny dick I find that men with small dicks seem to have a chip on their shoulder. Yes, in Chinese zoos there is a man whose sole duty is to make sudden movements and loud noises in order to frighten and aggravate the Horse-Mounted Lion Cavalry.

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Let's play a game. Any attempt to disseminate information regarding your Richard will — nay, must — be met with skepticism, pity, and annoyance. To all the guys that think "all girls are whores" By jesuslovesu in forum Relationships and Relationship Help. But, no, we are in Japan, where the laws of physics do not apply.

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But this one just gets more insane the longer you think about it. That's a quote from a lady whose last name is Dickinson, so you KNOW she's pretty much THE authority on massive panguses. Anyways. Wrong again.

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The groping fingers of a kinky God. SMALL DICKS ARE ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING the easiest way in the world to destroy a man forever, and what girl doesn't love doing that?. Getty And a couple of pikes thrown in for good measure.


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